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2017 SnowEx 8100PP

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The SnowEx® adjustable-wing POWER PLOW offers the versatility to expand plow width by expanding the wings outward or increase capacity by angling the wings forward, independently or together, to match any plowing condition. A snow plow in compact mode for transport and narrow areas can quickly be expanded for extra wide plowing passes by simply pushing a button.

  • Variable Straight Blade Modes: Use compact mode for transport or plowing narrow areas, or expand the wings to make extra wide passes.
  • BUCKET BLADE Scoop Mode: Angle the wings forward to put the POWER PLOW in scoop mode and carry up to 30% more snow with every pass.
  • Windrowing Position: When angled for windrowing, the leading wing directs more snow into the moldboard to eliminate spill-off.
  • Cornering Performance: Fully angle while in scoop position to maintain a full load of snow when maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Steel Cutting Edge: A 6" hardened steel cutting edge provides long-lasting performance and delivers a clean scraping action.
  • Easy Access Components Cover: Hydraulic components are protected with a durable poly cover that is easy to remove for quick maintenance access.
  • Full-Trip Moldboard: A full-trip moldboard with four coil springs helps protect you, your plow and your truck when striking obstacles.
  • Pressure Relief for Wings: Plow wings feature built-in pressure relief to give upon impact.
  • POWER GRIP™ Hand-Held Control: Intuitive hand-held control allows independent or simultaneous wing adjustment for maximum efficiency.
  • Automatixx® Attachment System: The Automatixx attachment system provides fast and easy plow hook-up that can all be handled from one side of the truck.
  • Direct Lift: Direct lift system gives the plow a responsive full range of motion for efficient stacking and transport.
  • POWERCOAT Finish: Our high-performance, multi-stage powder coat system provides a long lasting, maintenance-free finish.
  • STORM SEEKER™ Headlamps: STORM SEEKER™ halogen headlamps provide a bright, smooth, wide beam pattern and absorb road vibrations.
  • SECURITY GUARD™: The SECURITY GUARD anti-theft system electronically secures your plow from unauthorized use when detached from the truck.
  • FLEET FLEX Electrical System: The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides complete fleet interchangeability. Any SnowEx plow can be used on any truck.
  • Scrape Maxx™ Down-Force Kit: Add down-force to your SnowEx truck plow to bust through hard pack and maximize back-dragging performance. The Scrape Maxx down-force kit can be added to any SnowEx truck plow and uses the existing control. Learn More
  • Steel Cutting Edges: Built for the long haul, SnowEx® plows offer thicker steel cutting edges for enhanced wear resistance over time.
  • Deflector Kit: Enhance snow containment, and prevent it from blowing onto the windshield, with a SnowEx rubber deflector.
  • Poly Cutting Edges: Durable polyurethane cutting edge design withstands abuse while scraping up snow and ice from the surface.
  • Blade Guides: Available in 24" or 36" lengths, commercial blade guides are highly visible fluorescent orange, enhanced with reflective tape.
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Available in gallon and quart sizes, this zinc-free product is formulated to provide better viscosity in temperatures as low as -60° F. This means that your plow will operate at an optimum level in the most inclement weather.
  • Emergency Parts Bag: Be prepared for unexpected snowplow emergencies! This kit includes the most common replacement parts, conveniently packaged in a small, durable bag for easy storage behind or under your truck seat. Available in two versions to cater to all plow models.
  • Touch-Up Paint: Time to touch-up your blade or plow parts? SnowEx® offers a wide range of touch-up paints, available in convenient 12 oz. aerosol spray cans, that deliver an excellent finish to help keep your plow looking its best.
  • Blade Width: 8' 0" 10' 0" WIDE PASS™ (243.8 cm 304.8 cm WIDE PASS™)
  • Blade Height: 31" (78.7 cm)
  • Angle Cylinders: 1 1/2" (3.8 cm)
  • Plowing Width (Straight): 96" - Compact 105" - Bucket 120" - Wide Pass (243.8 cm - Compact 266.7 cm - Bucket 304.8 cm - Wide Pass)
  • Plowing Width (Full Angle): 85.6" - Compact 93.4" - Bucket 95.1" - Windrow 106.2"- Wide Pass (217.4 cm - Compact 237.2 cm - Bucket 241.6 cm - Windrow 269.8 cm- Wide Pass)
  • Approx. Weight*: 970 lb (440 kg)
  • Cutting Edge: 1/2" x 6" blade 1/4" x 10" wing (1.3 cm x 15.2 cm blade 0.635 cm x 25.4 cm wing)
  • Blade/Wing Thickness: 12 ga blade 11 ga wing (12 ga blade 11 ga wing)
  • Reinforcement Ribs: 4
  • Trip Springs: 4 steel



Blade Height
31" (78.7 cm)
Blade Width
8' 0" 10' 0" WIDE PASS™ (243.8 cm 304.8 cm WIDE PASS™)
Cutting Edge
1/2" x 6" blade 1/4" x 10" wing (1.3 cm x 15.2 cm blade 0.635 cm x 25.4 cm wing)
Plowing Width
96" - Compact 105" - Bucket 120" - Wide Pass (243.8 cm - Compact 266.7 cm - Bucket 304.8 cm - Wide Pass)
970 lb (440 kg)